I like words

Please humour me for this slight diversion from the norm. I’ve had a bit of a mad week  and as such my brain is still very Fire Bad, Tree Pretty. Normal service will resume forthwith after I get this out of my system. 


Five marks. Maximum. Five short sharp slashes of a decisive pen. That’s all it takes and you’ve written one of the most evocative words ever. You’ve written a word that’s both a command and a reaction. You’ve written a word that can be pain, and heartache and also one of the happiest moments of somebody’s life.

And that’s magic.

I love words. I love language, and I love words and I love how they create power. Spells. Magic. Rupert Giles got it right when he warned Xander “Don’t speak Latin in front of the books” (Superstar).  Books are magic magic things.

Being able to witness how people work with words and what they create is a massive privilege. If I ever become blasé about books, if I ever lose that little emotional wibble that books cause inside me, if I ever think that a book is something other than wondrous, please feel free to take me aside and remind me of what I’ve lost. Because I will have lost everything.


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