The Decorated School

Something a little different for today. I came across this blog called “The Decorated School”. It’s a group of academics who research murals and artwork in schools – artwork that is architecturally part of the building. This may mean a mural on the wall, a mosaic in a corner or a statue in the playground. One quote which resonated with me was this: “We are researching the relationships between architects, artists and educators through the art which became part of the fabric of school buildings and their immediate environments in the 20th century”.

I love that. So much. I was very lucky to study at one of , if not the, most unique contemporary art universities (Dartington College of Arts) in the world and know that art gets inside of you. It becomes part of the air you breath. Working around a Henry Moore statue, or walking through beautifully landscaped gardens, you begin to learn to look at things differently. I’ve taken that with me ever since. Look once, look twice and then look again.

Some of these pieces are genuinely stunning. You can view them on so many levels. An artwork. Β A wall. A lesson. A moral. A play on the way the light comes through the window in morning assembly. Lovely.


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